Ukraine Advice Scotland

Ukraine Advice Scotland  


Our Ukraine Advice Scotland project has been funded by the Scottish Government to provide free, confidential legal advice and information to Ukrainians and their families on legal routes for seeking safety in Scotland.   

You can access our service, which is staffed by qualified solicitors and legal caseworkers by either: 

Telephone: 0800 995 6045

Legal helpline

Tuesday from 10am to 1pm (UK time)
Thursday from 10am to 1pm (UK time)



Frequently Asked Questions

I do not speak English, can you provide advice in other languages?

Our advice services operate in English, but we can provide legal advice in other languages, such as Ukrainian, Russian or Polish, via interpreters on our legal telephone helpline.

If you would like to access our helpline using an interpreter please email us first and we can arrange this, you can email us at

I live in Scotland and have a question about sponsoring a Ukrainian refugee – can you provide advice?

We can only provide advice to Ukrainians and their family members who require help with understanding the legal immigration routes for seeking safety in Scotland.   

If you have a query about sponsoring a Ukrainian refugee in Scotland, you can read further details here: Homes for Ukraine

If you are looking for more information about the support available to Ukrainians arriving in Scotland, you can contact:  Scottish Refugee Council Ukraine Family Project or by telephone on 0808 196 7274

I am not based in Scotland or am not planning to travel to Scotland, can you still provide advice? 

This service is only for Ukrainians and their family members who are seeking safety in Scotland.  If you are seeking advice about travelling to other parts of the UK – England, Wales and Northern Ireland, you might be able to obtain assistance from these organisations: 

You can also read this summary of current immigration routes and concessions available to Ukrainians coming to the UK from Free Movement. 


Worker Support Centre

We have received funding to set up a Worker Support Centre. This centre is the first point of contact for all workers on the Seasonal Workers Visa (SWV) in Scotland including those of Ukrainian nationality. This centre is linked to Ukraine Advice Scotland but is open to any worker irrespective of nationality.

The centre is led by two migrant outreach workers, supported by legal staff at JustRight Scotland and a consultant expert in labour exploitation 


Factsheet on Immigration and Asylum Legal Routes to Scotland

The following factsheet will help you better understand the key legal routes to safety in Scotland for Ukrainians and their family members.  The factsheet covers routes to safety for people outside of the UK, as well as for people who have already entered the UK, as well as answering questions about entry through the Republic of Ireland.


Leaflets for Ukrainian Refugees

The following information will help you better understand the role of a sponsor, how to identify someone when you are unsure of their intentions or what to do if you are in a situation that feels uncomfortable.
Our leaflets – developed in partnership with the Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance (TARA), are available in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English.
To access our files, please click below:




This service is funded by the Scottish Government.

Scottish Government logo

Legal Factsheets


Immigration Law Masterclass Conference 2022 (PDF)

Delegates will have an opportunity to hear from distinguished Counsel at the Scottish Bar as well as expert practitioners from leading immigration firms throughout Scotland.


The event will be chaired by Bilaal Shabbir, incoming Devil at the Faculty of Advocates. Other speakers will include:

  • Stuart McWilliams (Partner, Morton Fraser LLP)
  • Jacqueline Moore (Director, Shepherd & Wedderburn)
  • Stephen Winter (Advocate, Terra Firma Chambers)
  • Alan Caskie (Advocate, Themis Advocates)
  • Jamie Kerr (Partner, Burness Paull)
  • Andy Sirel (Legal Director & Partner, JustRight Scotland)

‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ and migrant women living with abuse

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In May 2017, the Scottish Parliament’s Equalities and Human Rights Committee (EHRiC) published a report on the findings of its recent inquiry on destitution and homelessness of asylum seekers and people...

EU Citizens and Access to Benefits: Time is Running Out for EU Citizens to Apply to the EU Settlement Scheme

  Gwyn King, our specialist welfare expert and Senior Associate Solicitor in our Scottish Just Law Centre (SJLC) warns that time is running out for EU citizens and their family members to apply to...

FGM: Breaking Down Barriers

Here are some things about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) many people do not know: Women and girls in Scotland are at risk of FGM; This is not something that is based in any religion; and It is a...

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Yesterday, the Home Office published a video on Twitter criticising the role of "activist lawyers" in abusing "rigid regulations" to "delay and disrupt" the removal of people "who have no right to remain

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JRS Spark: Brexit & Scotland – Migration Rights event report

As 29 March 2019 (the date that the UK officially leaves the European Union) looms closer and closer, many EEA nationals residing in Scotland are still unsure on how their migration status and rights ...

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  We have given written evidence to the Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee of the Scottish Parliament on the crisis in Ukraine on 13 June 2022. From the data our legal...

JustRight Scotland launches Ukraine Advice Scotland advice line

  JustRight Scotland has officially launched a new free, confidential advice line called Ukraine Advice Scotland. This project, funded by the Scottish Government, is fully operative and will provide...

Legal Opinion: What does the Nationality and Borders Bill mean for devolution in Scotland?

Sabrina Galella, Policy & Public Affairs Officer at JustRight Scotland.   JustRight Scotland and Scottish Refugee Council jointly commissioned a legal opinion from Christine O’Neill QC and her...

Migrant Young People and SAAS

Thanks to our JustRight intern, Niamh Grahame, for writing this blog. Starting university can be a stressful time for any young person. This stress is often amplified for migrant young people in Scotland....

Migrants Deserve Less Rhetoric and More Action

Over the last week we have seen many from across our Parliaments take a knee and tweet messages of their commitment to tackling racism, with the backdrop of disproportionate Covid-19 deaths across the...

New Collaborations for Children!

We have recently been awarded a grant of funding from Unbound Philanthropy for JustRight for Refugee Children to establish two new collaborations! Unbound Philanthropy is a private grant-making foundation...

New Plan for Immigration Consultation: A Briefing for Scottish Civil Society Organisations

On 24 March 2021, the UK Government published its New Plan for Immigration, which sets out various proposals for changes to nationality, immigration and asylum law.  The consultation invites members of...

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On 24 March 2021, the UK Government published its New Plan for Immigration, which sets out various proposals for changes to nationality, immigration and asylum law. JustRight Scotland and our JustCitizens...

New: Factsheet on reunited family members

Our Scottish Family Reunion Service (SFRS) has published a new factsheet on the rights of reunited family members once they are in the UK.  Immigration law in the UK is more complex than ever and is in...

Now is the time to show the Home Office the door

PRESS RELEASE After Thursday's events in Glasgow, where the community successfully intervened to protect two migrants, JustRight Scotland has written to the First Minister and Justice Minister calling...

Our Worker Support Centre is now available to all seasonal horticultural workers in Scotland

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Worker Support Centre. Funded by the Scottish Government, this Centre is available to all workers on the Seasonal Workers Visa (SWV) in Scotland including...

Part 1: What on earth is age assessment?

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Response to Independent Review on the Human Rights Act

We have submitted a response to the Independent Review of the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA), in response to its call for evidence which closed on 3 March 2021. Our submission makes it clear that we see ...

Scottish Family Reunion Legal Service

  From 1 August 2017, JustRight Scotland has been funded by Unbound Philanthropy to deliver a Scottish Family Reunion Legal Service in collaboration with the British Red Cross.   Unbound...

Scottish human rights organisations unite to reject “unnecessary, regressive and divisive” plans to replace Human Rights Act

Responding to the UK Government’s announcement today that it plans to replace the Human Rights Act, five leading Scottish human rights organisations have released a joint statement calling the proposals...

Stamping Out NRPF in Scotland

By Talat Yaqoob The news stories of the increasingly dangerous and dehumanising policies being considered by the Home Office have continued to dominate another week in the press. We know that these...

The UK-Rwandan Plan: an agreement to trade people

  Andy Sirel, Scottish Refugee & Migrant Centre The Memorandum of Understanding between the UK Government and the Republic of Rwanda, announced on 14th April, is an agreement to trade in people....

Using the Law to Challenge Discrimination: Migrant Access to Further Education & Unlawful Disclosure of Gender History by NHS

  Gwyn King, Senior Solicitor in our Scottish Just Law Centre, highlights two recent cases where we helped clients to use the law to successfully challenge discrimination:   Barriers to Migrant...