Our statement on “Rwanda Operation”


In the face of concerning developments regarding the imminent “Rwanda Operation” across UK, we recognise how frightening this development has been for many.
We stand in solidarity with people seeking safety in Scotland amidst these challenging circumstances.
We urge individuals who are at risk of being deported to get in touch with their legal representatives and support workers, and actively engage with our community groups and organisations.  

Recent decisions from the UK Government, such as the implementation of the Rwanda scheme, are not only dangerous but also raise significant legal and ethical concerns. The UK Supreme Court’s ruling that Rwanda is not a safe country for people seeking asylum highlights the gravity of the situation. Despite this ruling, the UK Government persists in its plans, disregarding both international law and the decisions of our own courts. Not even the UK Government is above the law, and it is imperative that we hold them accountable. 

The legislation seeks to forcibly remove torture survivors, victims of trafficking, and persecuted minorities to unfamiliar territories without providing any evidence of the Rwandan Government being able to provide them with safety and protection.  

This approach lacks fairness, compassion and it seeks to instil fear within communities.

We ask for the establishment of safe and legal pathways to the UK, a strategy proven successful in other contexts such as Syria, Ukraine, and Hong Kong. By prioritising humane and lawful alternatives, we can uphold our moral obligations while also addressing existing issues with the asylum system. 

Recent months have demonstrated the power of collective action in resisting unjust immigration practices. Communities in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and across the rest of the UK have mobilised in mass protests, effectively halting deportation efforts. It is imperative that we continue to harness this collective strength and solidarity. 

We call on individuals and organisations across Scotland to join the fight against unjust immigration policies by engaging with local anti-raids such as No Evictions Network, supporting initiatives to combat detention expansion, providing assistance to those in detention, advocating for LGBTQIA+ migrants, organising migrant workers, and participating in collective education efforts.  

We ask the Scottish Government, MSPs and local authorities’ representatives to publicly oppose immigration raids and provide support to communities at risk.  

We urge supporting organisations and community groups, to come together, share information and make sure that people seeking asylum at risk, are able to access effective legal representation. Through organised action and unwavering solidarity, we will strive to create a more just and compassionate society for all. 


Resources for people and communities across UK:

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