Scottish Just Law Centre

The Scottish Just Law Centre aims to reduce discrimination and disadvantage in Scotland by helping people use equalities and human rights law as an effective tool for social change.

The Scottish Just Law Centre (SJLC) is an innovative collaborative project which brings together the legal expertise of JustRight Scotland with the sector expertise of Inclusion Scotland and Scottish Trans.

We work with disabled and trans people in Scotland to challenge discriminatory policies and practices of public bodies and service providers, with the aim of improving their access to justice.

We also take referrals for cases impacting other groups that suffer inequality and disadvantage – promoting the use of the law and strategic litigation as an effective way of tackling discrimination and improving outcomes for numerous affected people at once.

What We Do

We work to:

  • Identify the policies and practices that result in being treated less favourably than other people (see Strategic Priorities for examples);
  • Raise awareness of the legal remedies available amongst frontline workers in the community advice and support organisations whose services affected individuals use;
  • Build a link between those frontline workers and the SJLC, so they can refer people to our public lawyers to help them legally challenge the public body or service provider in question; and
  • Bring about a change to the policy or practice that benefits everyone affected by it.

Get in Touch

If you are a frontline adviser or support worker, you can email us at to discuss referring a service user to us.

Due to limited resources, we are not able to take “self-referrals” directly from members of the public. You can ask an adviser or support worker to refer you to us, though.

We are funded by:

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