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Nationality and Borders Bill: Fix family reunion (word)


We – together with other organisations, urge Members of Parliament to vote in favour of Lord Dubs’ amendment to open a new safe route to family reunion for refugees in Europe.

The UK’s current family reunion rules are broken. They are failing some of the most vulnerable refugees. Just this week Safe Passage staff met with an unaccompanied 15-year-old Afghan child, Hakim, who recently fled the Taliban. Alone in a dangerous camp in Dunkirk, Hakim is trying to join his uncle in the UK. He had already tried to cross the Channel three times. The current rules don’t provide a safe route for this child to reunite safely with their family in the UK. In fact, none of the unaccompanied children Safe Passage supported in France in 2021 were able to reunite with family here under the UK’s family reunion rules.

Had Lord Dubs’ amendment been law, Ukrainian children and partners would have faced far fewer challenges in safely and quickly reuniting with family here in the UK. The process for family reunification for Ukrainians has been slow, chaotic and ineffective. It is the same for other refugee families every day. It’s time the Government fixed family reunion for all.

Open Letter from the Anti-Trafficking Sector Regarding Situation in Ukraine (word)


We have signed a joint letter – alongside non-governmental organisations who work to end human trafficking and modern slavery, to declare in solidarity that we condemn the invasion of Ukraine launched by Russia and the impact it is having on the risk of human trafficking in the region. We call to End the Invasion and Protect Civilians from Human Trafficking.

PRESS RELEASE: Survivor Engagement: Assisting Integration in Human Trafficking   (word)


Today, we held an online event to share the results of a 2-year EU AMIF funded project which has focused on the long-term integration of trafficked women recovering from sexual exploitation as well as empowering survivors of human trafficking to play a leadership and mentoring role in our responses to human trafficking at an operational as well as strategic and policy level in Scotland. 

PRESS RELEASE: Scottish Trans joins legal challenge to protect gender equality on public authority boards (word)


Scottish Trans (ST), part of the LGBTI human rights charity Equality Network, have been given permission to intervene in a legal case which is seeking to throw out legislation passed two years ago, ensuring greater involvement of women in public life in Scotland. The Scottish Just Law Centre at JustRight Scotland is supporting Scottish Trans to prepare the legal intervention.