Our Worker Support Centre is now available to all seasonal horticultural workers in Scotland

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Worker Support Centre.

Funded by the
Scottish Government, this Centre is available to all workers on the Seasonal Workers Visa (SWV) in Scotland including those of Ukrainian nationality.
This new service is focused on providing information and support through our new support workers, project advisor and our legal team.

Caroline Robinson will serve as a Project Advisor.  

The centre will have two part-time outreach support workers. They are Lithuanian and Ukrainian former seasonal horticultural workers who speak Ukrainian, Russian and Lithuanian, and they are best placed to answer the needs of seasonal agricultural workers in Scotland.
They will be the first point of contact for seasonal workers and will engage directly with them to help them navigate a range of issues.

Our legal team will provide support to our outreach support workers and direct legal outreach to workers. They will conduct in-person and online information sessions and will commence with organising pro-active legal information sessions for Ukrainian nationals due to recent and important changes regarding their immigration status.
This new service is linked to our Ukraine Advice Scotland but it is open to any worker irrespective of nationality. 

Kirsty Thomson, Managing Director, JustRight Scotland: “We are delighted to be part of the establishment of the Worker Support Centre where we will provide outreach and legal support for seasonal workers in Scotland. We know that a lot of seasonal workers in the UK at the moment are Ukrainian nationals and we will link into our Ukraine Advice project in order to ensure that we get the right information and advice to these workers quickly and in the right way.”
Our project advisor Caroline Robinson said: “This Worker Support Centre follows models used around the world to offer temporary migrant workers advice and support in times of crisis. In countries from Canada to Germany temporary migrant workers are offered a similar service – this support can help prevent workers ending up in situations of human trafficking and is an important step forward for Scotland.” 

This new service will seek to empower workers to consider ways to address issues affecting their wellbeing at work and ultimately to help develop worker leadership skills to educate and support other workers.
For more information about our new Worker Support Centre, please visit workersupportcentre.scot.  


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