Scotland’s Super Sponsor Scheme for Ukrainians paused

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The Scottish government has announced that Scotland’s Homes For Ukraine Super Sponsor Scheme will be paused from 9:00am on Wednesday 13 July 2022.

The Welsh Super Sponsor Scheme is already paused and there is no Super Sponsor Scheme for England or Northern Ireland.

What does this mean for Ukrainians who want to apply?

If people do not apply by 9:00am on Wednesday 13 July 2022 then they will not be able to. People who want to apply under the Scotland Super Sponsor scheme would need to apply before then. The application is made online here.

There is no guarantee if or when the scheme will reopen. Once the scheme is closed Ukrainians should not wait for the scheme to reopen and instead should explore other visa options to the United Kingdom or another safe country.

Is the Homes for Ukraine Visa Scheme closing?

No. People can still apply to the Homes for Ukraine Scheme, but will need to have an individual sponsor in place to do so.

Finding an individual sponsor can be difficult. There are some organisations, such as Reset UK and Positive Action in Housing, who can help match Ukrainians and their families with potential hosts. If you are a potential host you might wish to consider registering with such a project.

Ukraine Advice Scotland cannot match people with hosts, but if you have any questions or concerns about the process feel free to contact our advice service.

I have already applied with Scotland as my Super Sponsor – does this change affect me?

No. Pending applications should be processed as normal and will still be considered.

However it will not be possible to submit a further application if there is a problem with a pending application. In that situation you should seek further advice, which we can provide at Ukraine Advice Scotland.

What are the visa options for Ukrainians who want to seek safety in the United Kingdom?

As well as mainstream visa options, including claiming asylum if you are already in the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom has created some additional visa options for Ukrainians.

Our Ukraine Advice Scotland advice service can provide further information and advice if needed.
You can also contact us via email:

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