What we do

We use the law to defend and extend people's rights. We work with like-minded partner organisation to build models of collaborative social justice, sharing expertise, skills and resources to achieve our common aim of increasing access to justice and reducing discrimination and inequality.

What we do

Our four centres of legal excellence:

  • provide direct legal advice to people and organisations
  • run legal helplines and surgeries
  • publish legal and know-your-rights factsheets
  • contribute to academic research
  • inform policy-makers
  • support campaigns for social change
  • deliver legal training and public legal education
  • offer internships and opportunities to train and support the next generation of social justice leaders

How we work

Our Vision & Values shape who we work with, what we do, and how we do it.

We aim to:

  • increase access to justice
  • empower people to secure their human rights
  • use evidence and lived experience to create positive change
  • inspire collaborations for social justice
  • build agile solutions and long-term sustainability

Want to learn more?  Read our Strategic Plan for 2020-23 (PDF)