#EndHotelDetention in Scotland

EndHotelDetention campaign, image of a house

Everyone in Scotland deserves to live in a community-based residential accommodation which meets all Scottish social housing standards.
The Roof Coalition invites all civil society organisations, policy makers, and public services across Scotland to say no to the normalisation of the use of hotel accommodation, de-facto detention and asylum camps and act now to #EndHotelDetention for all the New Scots.



What YOU Can ASK from your representatives

  • Ensure New Scots (the term adopted by the Scottish Government to refer to people who are refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers in Scotland) are accommodated in dignified, safe, habitable, and fit for purpose accommodations.
  • Ensure New Scots are housed in communities where they can integrate, instead of being warehoused in de-facto detention conditions.
  • Ensure New Scots are supported to access their rights and entitlements and their human rights are respected and protected across Scotland.
  • Provide Scottish local authorities and public services with powers and resources to deliver housing and support to asylum seekers in line with Scottish housing and care standards.  This would be the only way to ensure equality for all Scottish residents regardless of their immigration status.



Sign up below, write to your representative about the ASKs above and click send.


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