JustRight for All

JustRight for All is our legal policy, research and training hub. We aim to empower individuals and organisations to promote and protect human rights by making human rights information, ideas and debates accessible to all. We also take the learning from our specialist legal centres and uses them to influence policy and contribute to research that improves outcomes for the people we work with.

“This is one of the best training courses I have attended” (Delegate at Age Assessment Best Practice, January 2019)

“I learned so much from the people at my table because we had to work on a problem together” (Delegate at SWRC Inform: Domestic Abuse & Scots Law, May 2018)

Who we are


JustRight for All is headed by our Director Jen Ang who is an experienced lecturer in law and an advocate of open education and widening access to education for all. Find out more about Jen here.

What we do

JustRight for All supports our collaborative projects by:

  • Delivering a public legal education programme and speakers for free workshops and conferences on human rights and access to justice
  • Producing rights based human rights such as, clear and accessible factsheets, podcasts and blog posts
  • Influencing policy by responding to consultations, attending stakeholder groups, giving evidence at inquiries and supporting the third sector to contribute their views, with our legal expertise
  • Contributing to research that will improve access to justice and outcomes for the individuals we work with.

“It will inform my planning of general teacher awareness sessions regarding rights of the child, while giving me the option to direct them to further training if needed” (Delegate at Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children: Law & Practice, September 2018)

Want to learn more about… ?

Our public legal education programme is delivered by a team of expert facilitators who have designed engaging and practical workshops across a range of issues important to us, including:

  • Understanding equalities legislation and human rights
  • Identifying survivors of trafficking
  • Managing vicarious trauma in the workplace, and
  • Rising to the challenges of intercultural communication.

Bespoke sessions we are able to offer include:

  • Age Assessment in Scotland: Law and Best Practice
  • Migrant Children in Local Authority Care: Rights and Responsibilities
  • Working with Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children: Rights and Responsibilities
  • No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF): Supporting Individuals and Understanding their Legal Rights
  • OISC Level 1: Introduction to Immigration and Asylum Law
  • OISC Level 2: Advanced Asylum and International Protection
  • Equality and Diversity in Service Delivery – Race, Religion and Culture
  • Equality in the Workplace: Working with Diverse Teams – Race, Religion and Culture
  • Working with Survivors of Trafficking: Law and Best Practice
  • Working with Survivors of Child Sexual Exploitation: Law and Practice
  • Working with Child Survivors of Trafficking: Law and Practice
  • Working Effectively with Interpreters: Practical Guidance and Challenges

Get in touch

To discuss our work at JustRight for All, please contact Jen.