What does it mean to be a Scottish citizen – for migrants, EU nationals, refugees and native Scots? Who defines that? And is it time for Scotland to rethink citizenship in a bigger, bolder way?


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These are just some of the questions of the JustCitizens project, which aims to make the case for a fairer, more inclusive form of citizenship, for all – no matter where you come from.

We believe everyone living in Scotland has the right to belong, including EU nationals, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants from many other backgrounds, as well as native Scots.

We want to  explore what a fairer, more just type of citizenship might look like in Scotland – one that means everyone feels like they belong.

Our work is led by our JustCitizens panel, a group of 15 migrants living in Scotland from a diverse range of countries and backgrounds. From managing hospitals, to journalism, activism, advising people on their rights and much more, they bring a wealth of both personal and professional experience.

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Paul Hamlyn Foundation