Stamping Out NRPF in Scotland

By Talat Yaqoob The news stories of the increasingly dangerous and dehumanising policies being considered by the Home Office have continued to dominate another week in the press. We know that these stories are designed to instigate fear across the migrant population and appease those on the right-wing of the...

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‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ and migrant women living with abuse

By Hanan El-Atrash In the UK, some migrants are subject to a condition called No Recourse to Public Funds or NRPF, which can have far reaching consequences for migrant women, particularly those living with abuse or violence. In this blog we discuss what NRPF is and who is affected, what...

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Migrants Deserve Less Rhetoric and More Action

Protesters holding sign

By Talat Yaqoob Over the last week we have seen many from across our Parliaments take a knee and tweet messages of their commitment to tackling racism, with the backdrop of disproportionate Covid-19 deaths across the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, hostile environment policies and the ill-advised progression of...

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