Introducing our new social enterprise: JRS Knowhow 

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We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new social enterprise JRS Knowhow. The start-up social enterprise was created in April 2021, marking almost exactly four years since JustRight Scotland was set up in May 2017.  

JRS Knowhow creates accessible, inclusive, engaging and fun digital learning experiences. We created JRS Knowhow because we know there is more work to do in Scotland to achieve an inclusive and equal society. JRS Knowhow is working towards a vision of Scotland where everyone has access to accurate information to help them understand their legal rights and where organisations leave training sessions equipped with the knowledge and tools to fully enact their legal duties. 

We also know that lots of virtual training sessions and online courses have been designed over the last year with the best of intentions but in a great hurry… Zoom calls can be fatiguing and legal terminology can be dry, but we strongly believe that digital training can be valuable and enriching when it is intentionally designed, despite these challenges.  

The JRS Knowhow team will deliver three types of service to change-driven clients:  

JRS Knowhow’s approach to work is led by our organisational values and will reflect JustRight Scotland’s principled approach to work, which is underpinned by our four values: legal expertise and direct experience, inclusion, strategic innovation and building relationships of trust. 

The JRS Knowhow team have been busy in the last few months building the social enterprise’s new website with Port Creative, creating our social media channels, and delivering workshops, training and webinars to over 100 different learners and event attendees. Find out more about JRS Knowhow’s most recent projects, including: a training analysis, co-designed webinar and workshop series training the trainers.   

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JustRight Scotland is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SC047818) which provides legal services through its limited liability partnership, JustRight Scotland LLP which trades as JustRight Scotland (SO305962). This firm has been authorised to act as solicitors by the Law Society of Scotland (Registered No 53703).

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